My Coffee’s Too Cold, My Muffin’s Too Hot, My Phone’s Too Big

“That could be a good title for a book. Cause don’t books have weird names sometimes?”

You said this to me while we were about to cross the street to Lot 30. “My coffee’s too cold, my muffin’s too hot, my phones too big,” are the words that came out of my mouth because I was holding those exact items and I didn’t have enough hands and big enough pockets to meet my needs. Talk about first world problems.

After my Poetry & Fiction class which was a 6-9pm class on Wednesdays, you would meet me outside and walk me to my car. To make sure that I was safe, and because you wanted too. Twice you offered to buy me Coffee Bean after class and how could I reject that? I got the iced hazelnut latte, you got it hot.

Thats how the title of this blog post came to be.

I loved Poetry & Fiction. I got to read a lot of short stories and I even got to write one of my own. But I must admit the part I loved the most was after class. Where I would meet you and you’d walk me. We sat in my car while we drank our coffee just talking. Remember when there was some dance crew practicing in the parking lot? I’m sure you do.

One time I told you not to walk me anymore because I could handle it, and I didn’t want to bother you. I said this after the one night where you weren’t available because you were hanging out with friends. I walked by myself, and it wasn’t that bad. So that day when I said, “No you don’t have to, just stay in your dorm,” you waited by the tables near the book store to stop me knowing I wasn’t going to look around for you near the classroom. You knew I’d just dart straight to the parking lot. You knew.


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