Time to Check In


Time is a funny thing. It can go by too fast, too slow, it can even be by your side. It takes people away, introduces new faces, makes you question if you should do your homework now or later, but most importantly, it heals. However, it cannot be manipulated. Unless you were The Flash and in that case he’d say, “I traveled back in time to save my mother from the Man in Yellow by UNLOCKING THE SPEED FORCE THAT BROKE THE TIME BARRIER ITSELF .” Okay. It wouldn’t be exactly like that. But you get the point.

But the Flash isn’t the only one that can manipulate time. No, it’s not me – it’s instagram. Instagram’s got the Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays, the hashtags necessary for time travel. The thing is, instagram needs users for these hashtags. We’re the ones who post the pictures! So maybe I’m wrong. I am an instagram user and you are too if you’re reading this. That means we can all TIME TRAVEL – at least indirectly.

So here’s the thing. Time travel comes with some consequences. You go back in time, change something, it has its effects. Therefore, this poses the question: Would you do it? If you asked me at the beginning of this school year I would say yes, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY YES. Anything to make it the way it was before. But if you ask me now, it’s a little different. You know, you hear “time will heal” a thousand times when you go through something dreadful but only when time actually passes do you feel ok again. Let me tell you, it feels great. Like a huge-boulder-lifted-off-my-heart-great. But it didn’t start off like that. So let’s go back to the past a few more times, and I’ll be sure not to change anything.

See you in the next chapter 🎆


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