It’s got a magic school? Count me in. “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss Review

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Hello everyone! Here’s my first book review of 2017 and my first book review ever. Enjoy!

This is the first book I completed in the month of January, even though I started this book mid-December. It happens sometimes people. Name of the Wind is a high adult fantasy novel following the story of Kvothe, a magically gifted young man. Kvothe tells the story himself, and we follow him from his childhood to him studying at University, a legendary magic school. The narration jumps from present time to his past and the actual question that arises from the whole story is, how did he get to where he is now?

I definitely enjoyed this book, as I do most fantasy stories. However, I couldn’t really immerse myself into the story, and not because of anything related to the book, but because of the actual events happening in my own life. I still pushed on with reading the book, which I think is a disservice to the story because I believe every book out there should be read with one’s full attention. But, the more I thought about it after I finished, I started saying, “Yeah. You know what, that was a really good book.” Rothfuss does an amazing job of world building, creating a complex magic system, and introducing the character of Kvothe to the world which you can’t help but root for. The writing was beautiful for it made it seem that you were actually sitting down across Kvothe, listening to his life story. I recommend this to you if you’re an avid fantasy/adventure reader.

The second book is called The Wise Man’s Fear, and the third book has yet to come out. I know that everyone who has read this series is dying for the third book but no ones knows when it’s set to release. Come on Patrick. Everyone’s waiting!


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